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Slider Case

The Slider Case offers the finest in sleek, durable protection for your iPhone 5.

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Our famous Slider Case offers sleek, dependable protection that's been customized for the iPhone 5. Available in varied coatings it features a two piece hardshell design that provides complete coverage for all critical corners and edges, while still allowing clear access to all buttons and ports.

The removable bottom of this iPhone 5 case slips off for easy charging with all brands of docks and cables. An internal guardrail adds shock absorption as well as a secure fit making it one of our most popular iPhone 5 cases.


  • Black soft-touch coating
  • Complete edge and corner protection
  • Durable hardshell construction
  • Direct access to all buttons and ports
  • Two piece design for easy docking and charging


iPhone 5s
iPhone 5

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3 Reviews

  • love it!

    very strong and easy to dock with

    5 stars
    siera on
  • Recommend

    Beautiful case! Slim, sleek, and feels amazing! Great protection without all that unnecessary bulk.

    5 stars
    Garett on
  • Not compatible with Invisible Shield screen protector

    Both the Invisible Shield and the Incase case are good products, individually. However BEWARE. If you try to use these two products together its a major FAIL! After I put the Invisible Shield screen protector on my phone, I then tried to slide my Incase case on and the Incase case got stuck on my phone and wouldn't budge! Sadly, the only way to get the case off my phone was to break the case. To top it off, it ended up ruining my brand new Invisible Shield!

    3 stars
    Jonathan Concepcion on
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