iPhone 5s

Crystal Slider Case

Featuring a crystal-flake finish and high-gloss coating, the Crystal Slider Case provides protection in a dazzling design.
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The Crystal Slider Case provides durable protection in a dazzling design. Its two piece hardshell construction allows for easy device attachment and removal while providing complete coverage to critical corners and direct access to all buttons and ports. An exterior high-gloss coating over the case's sparkling finish gives it extra shine for an eye-catching, stylish look.


  • High gloss coating that sparkles
  • Complete edge and corner protection
  • Durable hardshell construction
  • Interior guardrail for shock absorption
  • Direct access to all buttons and ports
  • Removable base for easy docking and charging


iPhone 5s
iPhone 5

3 Reviews

  • Difficult Case

    This case is awesome looking very pretty and sparkly! But it is a pain in the butt to take off... It slid in with some difficulty and ended up pushing off my screen protector on the sides :( and then trying to remove the case was even worse I almost thought my phone was actually stuck in the case. I have the case on right now again and am kind of afraid of when I have to remove the case again for whatever reason lol. Overall This case seems to be more for looks than ease haha. Pretty looking though

    3 stars
    Tanya on
  • LOVE-worth what you pay

    This case is cute, lightweight, and has good shock absorption. After a long time and some hard falls the glitter coating eventually began to chip off but is basically unnoticeable. Worth the $$.

    5 stars
    Alaina on
  • orange!

    Please bring back the orange crystal slider! It was so cute, and frankly, this color really isn't that pretty.

    3 stars
    kate on
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