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Snap Case

Lightweight minimalist iPhone protection. Proven time and time again with its durable hardshell construction and precision fit.

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For the ultimate in lightweight minimalist protection, look no further than our signature Snap Case. Engineered for a precision fit, the Snap Case attaches easily and securely in one simple step. Its durable hardshell construction protects the iPhone back, sides and critical corners while the open ends allow for direct access to buttons and ports.


  • Easy snap-on attachment
  • Durable hardshell construction
  • Direct access to all buttons and ports
  • Open ended design for easy docking and charging


iPhone 5s
iPhone 5

3 Reviews

  • It's peeling

    I've had the clear snap case for a year, and it's been peeling for a couple of months now. It looks terrible! Plus I get little bits of it everywhere!

    2 stars
    Leticia on
  • Quality

    Had the Incase Snap Case ever since my iPhone 4, and it couldn't have been any more perfect. Once I upgraded to the 5, it was only natural for me to get the same. I love the Incase Snap Case (the black matted one at least) because it won't EVER peel (if you take reasonable care of your phone), unlike most other cases out there. I just wish the iPhone 5 version had bridged the top part of the silent toggle / volume control, like it did in the 4/4S version of the case.. but that's trivial.

    4 stars
    Mark M on
  • Hella dope

    I've been using this case since I got my iPhone 5 at launch. Coming from a Palm Pre, I wasn't sure which iPhone cases were the best but I figured I would choose Incase since I have both their heathered backpack and a laptop case. To this day, no complaints, it's still pushing. I *am* curious as to what this case is made of though. Seems like all phones should be made of it (at least the back).

    5 stars
    NetOperator Wibby on
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