iPhone 5s

Shock Slider Case

Triple layered materials combined to bring you unmatched protection in a flexible design.

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The Shock Slider brings the utmost protection for your iPhone in a flexible design. Triple layered for ultimate protection, the Shock Slider's unique modular construction includes a rubberized inner cover lined with Poron XRD shock absorbent foam. A durable hardshell outer case can be used in combination with the rubberized sleeve for unmatched protection.


  • Modular design with triple layer protection
  • Rubberized inner cover features PORON® XRD™ shock absorbent foam lining and can be used as a standalone case
  • Durable hardshell outer case for added protection
  • Hardshell outer case features opaque top and frosted bottom piece for unique look


iPhone 5s
iPhone 5

4 Reviews

  • Good Protection but Needs Some Adjustments

    I didn't want one of those bulky, ugly looking Otterbox cases but since I'm notoriously clumsy I thought this case would protect my new 5S well. It certainly does and I think the sleek lines and color combos are really nice.

    There are two things that I don't like but I fully understand that with this high level of protection, I rather prioritize my phone not breaking over the two nit-picky things I'll focus on. The top and side buttons, when accessed with the case on, are recessed underneath the protective plastic and not very easy to use. Second, I was hoping more accessories I have with lighting pin adapters would work with the case on, or at least with the bottom slider off but they don't. I have to take all three components off if I want to listen to music via my Bang & Olufsen or iHome alarm clock. It does charge without a problem with my USB cable but since I wanted to use this as my everyday case and enjoy listening to music everyday, I found that taking the case apart is annoying. I don't really want to have to buy new speakers for my home that are blue tooth capable just because I bought this case.

    4 stars
    Kristina on
  • Survived A 7-Story Drop

    As I was getting out of the elevator on the 7th floor, I dropped my phone and it went right through the crack between the floor and elevator. I thought my phone was destroyed. Amazingly, other than a slight bend to the back of the phone, you'd never know it fell 7 stories. This case saved me a few hundred dollars. Do I recommend it? Yes, yes I do.

    5 stars
    Jeff K on
  • Best case out there

    I have tried all of the protective cases out there..otterbox, ballistic, rokform and others. This case protects as well as any of them while not being obnoxiously bulky or ugly. I have dropped my 5s in this case plenty and not a single problem. I was skeptical of the soft touch finish but it's tough and still looks like new

    5 stars
    Eric P on
  • Understated Protection

    I'm really pleased with the Incase Shock Slider for my iPhone 5. Unlike many armor-style cell phone cases, the Shock Slider offers protection in an understated guise. Conversely, I love the hint of color (Black/Black Frost/Astrogreen} that allows me to display personal style without being ostentatious.

    5 stars
    Satisfied Consumer on
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