iPhone 5s

Sports Armband Deluxe

Wear your iPhone on your arm, belt or a pack strap, with the integrated clip.

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Featuring a detachable protective case and a fully adjustable armband, the Sports Armband Deluxe keeps your iPhone secure, protected and accessible during a run or workout. Unlike many other sports armbands, the protective case doesn't cover the iPhone screen so you get the same easy fingertip control that you're used to.

The perforated armband is designed to fit a wide range of arm sizes and provides excellent breathability for a comfortable fit during even the most intense workout. If you prefer to wear your iPhone on your belt or a pack strap, the case easily detaches from the armband and the integrated clip lets you securely attach it to your waistband or elsewhere.

Best of all, you can wash your Armband Deluxe, so no matter how hard you push yourself, you'll be ready for your next workout.


  • Durable protective cover for complete edge and corner protection
  • Easy touch control: case doesn't cover screen
  • Integrated belt clip for easy wear on waistband, pack strap and more
  • Highly adjustable to fit a wide range of arm sizes
  • Perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Hand washable for easy cleaning


iPhone 5s
iPhone 5

1 Review

  • This case saved my phone.

    Earlier today, I was hit by a car while running. Thankfully, I was (relatively) unharmed, but the force of the blow knocked my iPhone off my arm. Luckily, the Sports Armband Deluxe protected my phone from damage, and I recovered it completely unscathed (though the case does have a few scuff marks on it). Couldn't recommend this armband more highly!

    5 stars
    Kevin on
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